The Nursery is open from September to June, Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Please keep time as it is important that your child arrives and leaves on time. The lessons start at 8:00 a.m. and pick up is at 1:00 p.m. At the end of the day we do advice parents to be on time for collection. Upon collecting the child, you or the nanny should sign on a special form to ensure security.



We have an open door policy. Parents are warmly invited to view the Nursery and we always look forward to showing you around between 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. or by appointment.



To settle your child into nursery as quickly and as happily as possible, we recommend the following:

  • Prepare your child for the Nursery by talking to him/her in advance.
  • Attend class with your child the first 2 days for around 1 to 2 hours.
  • Help your child feel that there is a good connection between you and the teacher so that the child would feel safe with her when you are not there.
  • Try to enter the classroom with a positive and confident attitude so that your child will know that you are happy in the new environment.
  • After the third day, please try to make your “goodbye” as brief and cheerful as possible. It will make your child feel worse if you spend a lot of time with him/her before you leave the class.
  • When you collect your child, always ask him/her about their day at the Nursery and the different activities he/she has accomplished. Act positively and show encouragement and appreciation.



Please ensure that you close the main gate behind you at all time for the safety of children.



Your child will not be allowed to leave nursery with a person that the teachers have not met, unless previous arrangements have been made with the administration. If there is an emergency and you cannot manage to collect your child by 1:00 p.m., please telephone the Nursery and inform the secretaries as to who will be collecting the child.



Please do not park your car in front of neighbors. It is important to respect their place.



If your child is going to be absent from nursery for any reason, please notify the administration by telephone or email.



Parents are requested not to send a sick child to nursery, and inform the administration as soon as possible, especially if your child's illness is contagious. Children with contagious diseases MUST NOT be brought to nursery until it has been cleared by your doctor to do so. In case a child become ill while at nursery, parents will be notified and will be expected to collect their child at the earliest opportunity.


If your child has any food allergies, please write them on the Medical Form (AND ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW).



We do not provide lunch. Parents must provide their child with a healthy packed lunch. Sweets, Chocolate, chips, sodas and other unhealthy food are not allowed. After the child finishes eating, the teacher will send back the rest of the food that was not eaten so that you can monitor what and how much your child ate.



Please make sure your child dresses in comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes. An extra set of clothes should be kept in the nursery in case of any accident.

The children are not to bring valuables and jewelry. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to children's items. We will do our best to ensure all children's items go home with them.



Please inform us of any new or irregular situation that might take place at home such as house moving, birth of a new child, or other situations etc… Usually such changes may affect your child’s behavior in class. Your child may need special attention during this difficult time.



Please supply nappies for your child. You will receive a notice when more are needed.



We accept children with nappies and we also help them in toilet training. Your child's readiness is something you can discuss with the teacher because consistency between nursery and home is very important. This is a special time for your child, a sign that he/she is growing up.



If a parent wishes to celebrate their child’s birthday, they are required to inform the class teacher in advance. If a special performance is going to take place such as dancing characters, magician, acrobats etc… the parents then should inform the administration in order to be able to arrange for the occasion.



Parent/Teacher conference is held twice a year (January and March) to discuss your child’s progress. Parents’ attendance is mandatory for the benefit of your child. Report Card will be distributed in January and June.



Some information will be sent out by e-mail. Please try to check your email on a regular basis.



Any comments or feedback are always welcomed as we endeavor to make our nursery an outstanding experience for both you and your little ones. If you have any complaint, please feel free to take an appointment with our director/principal to discuss it.



Children will be regularly photographed during their stay at the nursery or field trips.

Photos are placed into our instagram and facebook for families to enjoy. To give you the opportunity to have many pictures during your child’s nursery years, all pictures will be processed and sent with your child to choose the ones you would like to purchase.

Our instagram is:  kuwaitmontessorinursery

Our facebook is: kwtmontessorinursery